Course Summary

First Steps to Reaching Unity Course


Welcome to your First Steps to Reaching Unity Course, helping you on your journey of personal and spiritual development. Untitled_design-37.png

I am so glad that you are here, so let's start by recognising that, the first step is always the hardest and you did it, so whoop whoop go you!

I know how confusing it can all be, you know you want to do something but what? You want to change but how? You know there is more to life and more to you but where to start?

With this course, we are going to start at the beginning! Take your time as you work your way through the course, each lesson builds on the last, helping you to change old habits into new more rewarding ones. Although you are able to see all the Modules and lessons in this course you will be unable to move onto a lesson before you have completed the one before it. This is important to help you build strong self-development and spiritual foundations.

As you work your way through the course you will see immediate benefits in you and your life and this will give you the inspiration to keep going and the clarity to see your next step.

These are the areas I will cover for you.

  • Step 1 Meditation - A good meditation practice is the foundation of your development and growth


  • Step 2 Conscious Living & Conscious Eating - Learn why it is important and how to reconnect with yourself and everything around you. It is the next step on expanding your conscious awareness


  • Step 3 Energy - Everything is energy, learn what is yours and what isn’t and how you can work with it, to bring your life into balance and abundance. Seeing life from this perspective will greatly expand your conscious awareness and your connection to you and your life.


  • Step 4 Mindset - Our mind creates so much of our reality, change what you think and you will change what you see and experience 


  • Step 5 Responsibility & Integrity - Take back that power and ensure you use it wisely, it’s important to do that right thing.


  • Step 6 Processing & Releasing - Healing core wounds, dissolving conditioning, restructuring your belief systems and mindset and letting it all go. Processing is a vital stage in your development, if you want to make permanent changes this is the only way to go about it.


  • Step 7 Psychic Abilities, Healing & Empathy - We all have these abilities and they will develop naturally as you grow, learn how much you already know and then have a little faith in yourself and start practising.


I am so pleased you are here, I get so excited at the thought of people consciously walking their path, as I know what is in store ....a world of miracles.

Love & Laughter Michele xxx