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Your Manifestation Journey



Manifest Your Destiny


  • Everyone has an insight, a voice that comes from within ones soul. This is the voice responsible in influencing and directing us throughout our life. That voice is constantly telling us “Get up right now! Take charge of your life and manifest your destiny”.


  • It involves transforming yourself and taking charge of your life. If you stay stagnant then life will not happen for you. You might never experience the true potential of yourself. Life is not only about the style of living, sleeping, eating, working and travelling but to explore, experiment, observe, thoughtful processes and taking risks towards change.


Change leads to improvement. So an important question is how to improve? How to bring about change within one’s self?



  • For that purpose, what you need to do is to take actionable steps to improve yourself. Push yourself out of the traditional and comfort zone, family values, controlling powers of other human beings and meet the real you!


This will definitely transform your life.



Why success comes to only those who work hard for it?


  • It is because millions of people have no idea what are they capable of doing. Following conservative ways to live life blindly is no different from being dead, doing nothing and simply copying.


Ask yourself, “Are you a copycat?”


Before starting this mini course, get ready and be open for change that you have never experienced before. You will be challenged to be out of your comfort zone and live the life that you’ve always dreamt of.



  • You are free to live in your own unique way with a strong identity rather than being a copy of others. If you strive for change, you would build a world of success of your own.


  • Shake off the insecurities, confusions and doubts to enhance confidence, power and ability to attain your heart’s desire.



Let’s begin with;


What We Mean By Manifestation.



  • “It refers to the process, an action or an event that clearly enables us to see or show us something abstract or conceptual”.



  • Basically it is indicating the movement of transformation of a mind concept into reality-based act. That is why we stress upon taking action to bring your thoughts, feelings and ideas into a tangible experience.



You Are Important


  • Your life has a goal, which is to be successful and lead a joyful and fulfilling life. Successful people are those who lead life in their own way and leave their legacy behind. The one thing that holds us back from creating our legacy is in our unconscious; our past, our mistakes, our regrets and unpleasant memories. Left unchecked, all of this no doubt holds you back from progressing and attaining what you desire.


  • The human mind has an inborn tendency to seek and grasp on to negativity.Biologically, there is a part of our brain called the “lizard brain” that is the oldest part of our brain stem, responsible for the most basic of instincts; survival. This part of the brain governs our flight or fight attitude towards challenges and breaking comfort zones and is designed to keep us safe from harm.



I know no one wants to live a life of the living dead, producing nothing, being stuck in a 9 to 5 job doing the same thing over and over again just to pay bills. That is a very distorted and warped version of life. Some people die at 25 years old and don’t get buried until they are 79 years old.


  • If you don't know where to start, let me share with you a simple step by step formula. We’ll take very simple steps over the next 12 months. To really get the most out of this course you will want to work on one module per month and really apply yourself to the task


Think less, speak less, and observe more with your eyes and your heart. It takes faith, action and the belief that you will succeed. You will get to where you want to be.


  • Trust in yourself, your capacity and your ability to achieve it. Never ignore the power of change as this power takes you towards your personal growth.


  • The key to unlocking your true spirit and the road to  peak of manifestation is to “Be Consistent And Never Give Up” because true change takes consistency.

Module 1: MONTH ONE

Strive for Transparency of Mind


Imagine a street full of fallen leaves, stones, tree trunks and uneven damp soil. If you need to reach a destination urgently how would you reach it on time?

You might be rushing for your final exam, an art competition, important meeting or a family wedding. Imagine the urgent need to reach there  on time. Notice how this makes you feel, where does your mind take this?


But not matter how hard you try, you are late.  How do you feel ? Are you afraid of experiencing failure? Are you stressed and panicing? Maybe you want to give up and not go at all. Or perhaps you are more laid back about it and feel what will be will be. It is important you get to see how your mind works, so be honest with yourself, we all want to see ourselves in a good a light but for your growth and your ability to manifest it is important that you strive to be as honest with yourself as possible. By running these scenarios in our minds, we can get a better idea of how we actually react.

Notice how you react physically, a tightening in the chest or a stomach drop are usually signs of fear or anxiety.


On the other hand, imagine a road free of traffic, mess and obstacles of any kind. WOW! How does that feel?

 Now you can reach your destination in advance and prepare yourself with lots of energy and a relaxed state of mind rather than fear and anxiety. Really imagine this happening and how it feels, I am sure you have a memory you can relate this to. Experience those amazing feelings again, feel how expansive your chest area feels, all is good with the world.


Bringing your awareness to your own mindset and how positive or negative it may be is the first step towards change.Understanding that you can visualise, bringing forth emotional and mental responses gives you the power to choose.


1. Combating Negativity


Clear your mind from negative thoughts.


In the first scenario, we imagined a street filled with leaves, junk and stones these also represent your negative thoughts.


You can see how difficult it is for you to make proper decisions and find on time solutions if your mind is not yet clear from negativity. Recall how imagining that first scenario made you feel. This is the background noise you are dealing with on a daily basis.


Negative thoughts are the ones discouraging you from initiating a transformation process to achieve your goals in life.


In contrast, a smooth and obstacle free road is the goal of the first module, to understand and apply in daily life to achieve success in this journey.


There are a number of ways to control a negative thought process and replace it with a healthy and positive visualisation process. Remember the visualisation you did at the beginning with the clear road, that was a positive visualisation.



The Most Effective Steps To Regularly Adopt As Part of Your Daily Routine to Combat Negativity.





  • Daily 20 minutes, 1-2 times a day spent  practicing any form of meditation clears the negative thought process that materialises. The practice using mantra or mindfulness meditation has proven effective to use in order to control negative thoughts or even eliminating them completely, by countless research evidences.


  • Your mind strongly holds and believes what you pay attention to. You are free to choose what you pay attention to. You are responsible for focusing on the things you want to focus on. This is what we call power of mind. You are in control of your mind and thoughts.


  • Avoid negativity by focusing on a specific non-emotional object for a few minutes in morning and in the evening. Let the brain focus on you and ignore the thoughts. The feelings and sensations you experience during that time are priceless. Being mindful and empty on mind junk is crucial. It is the first step and skill to master in this journey.


  • Another method we talked about is mantra meditation; chant a positive statement to induce positivity and combat negativity especially when tired, frustrated, phobic or worried and in distress.


Examples are as follows- 

“I will succeed this year”

"All is good, All is well"

“I am doing my best”

“This too shall pass”


  • Hopelessness and Despair are very destructive and detrimental to one’s health and mind power. Accept the importance of this step to shift to step 2. If you don't believe that you have the power to change anything then you won't. It is tough when life has ground you down to this point of hopelessness to see any other way but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you have already seen it which is why you are here now.

It may feel as though this is the way it has always been and there is no other way but that is not true and as you are reading this now it means that you have found that other way, so take a leap of faith that this is exactly where you need to be and throw yourself into this course and everything this site has to offer because whatever you want to change and whatever you want to achieve, you will find a path there


  • Keep on taking action, growing, improving, learning and understanding. Reflect constantly on your own mindset, don't allow the negative chatter to overrun you but become aware of it, take note and then change it into a positive.  So often people are unaware of their own negative mindset and think themselves as rather optimistic, in fact most of us think we are more optimistic than we actually are. This is why we need to look a little closer.  Recognise your negative mind and fill it with positive power with keeping in mind that negative thinking is natural there is absolutely no need to add to the negativity by beating yourself up over it, thinking yourself less than in some way.

If you have taken Unlock the Potential of You Course, you will know how our ego likes to stop us from growing by hiding aspects of our true nature from ourselves.


  • Look at other courses on this site that deal with Positivity, Affirmations and Meditations to help you deal with negative thoughts





2.  Finding Clarity


  • Having a clear idea about what to expect next, from the future, an upcoming day or task,  or an outcome while possessing a positive thought process, healthy mindset and optimism picked up from good experiences is what you need to focus on. Only then you can achieve what you want.


  • Finding clarity means having a clear understanding of what you want to achieve over time and what your plan about how to move forward, it is about taking necessary steps when needed.


Smart Goals


Making SMART goals is a great approach when it comes to preparing goals for your life whether short or long term. Prepare goals daily and review on a daily basis, make note that they must be:  S.M.A.R.T



Short / Measurable / Achievable / Realistic / Time Based


“I will meditate daily for 20 minutes before sleep for one week to overcome my negative thoughts and reduce their intensity.” or "I will meditate daily for 20 minutes before sleep for one week to calm my mind and turn negative thoughts into positive ones"


Now closely take note how it is specific and short (meditate for a week),measurable (daily jounalling), achievable(before sleep is the time best for it because its calm and silent and free of distraction), realistic (the time and timing is great, you have the bed to yourself for a week and have time for journalling ) and time based (20 minutes per day)


Turning Negative Into Positive 


Another method that directly attacks negative thoughts, is done by creating a totally opposite (positive) thought by focusing on the positive and benefits of the situation. There is always a positive in every situation no matter how dire, look for it by shifting your view point outside of your own. 


We find it hard to have a positive outlook on life as our mind is accustomed to have a skeptical approach on things which usually includes the “what ifs” and “what happens” if you fail. You  have to challenge your own thoughts, rather than pushing them down, say ok, let's look at "I will fail" and challenge it, Will I fail, will I really, what is the evidence? Imagine you are looking at it from an outside perspective, is this negative thought based in any reality or truth? The answer is usually No, you can then replace the negative untrue thought with a positive truthful one.


Negative automatic thoughts are something you can get rid of, remind this to yourself anywhere and anytime when your pessimistic thoughts get the best of you and influences your state of mind as well as actions. But you have to want to let them go and if you are resisting you need to ask why. Fear of change is something we all have to deal with,  even when we are changing from something better it is still change, a break from the familiar, the old saying "better the devil you know" comes to mind.


The key is becoming more aware of your own thoughts, stop and notice how negative they are, as these thoughts are automatic they are often outside of our awareness and we do not realise that we complain a lot or are always finding fault. Once we become aware that this is one of our patterned responses we go on high alert and recognise more quickly when we are doing this, which allows us to stop it in its tracks and look for the positive. Turning the negative into a positive weakens the existing thought patterns and begins to forge new ones.



What you focus on expands. Everything is within your choice. When you choose to give in to your negative thoughts, the outcome will be negative. However, when you focus your mind and energy on positive threads and make this a habit, you are able to see a significant transformation in everything you do. Practice this and journal your experiences.





3.  Overcoming The Shadows Of Delay


Motivation has barriers including confusion, unrealistic goals, loss of the sense of reward, poor strategy, irrational thoughts and goals. distractions and low energy. It is common to experience all of these barriers but that does not mean you should give up on your dreams and delay your progress in achieving them.



You must keep your motivation going and have the feeling of urgency to pursue what you want as there is no such thing as the right time. Every second counts and you either do it or you don’t.


This seriously helps you to set your mind to focus. Focus with a clear, concise plan of action. Try these tips out to kick off the lazy circle of delay and grab a dose of daily urgency to drive you a step toward your dreams, goals and ambitions. Make sure you are deeply interested in whatever you intend to do. Then, take action!


  •  Keep your daily routine busy, use your attention for something valuable

  • Keep your mind filled with positive thoughts. This will influence your outlook on things and how you execute your day to day tasks

  • Practice an active lifestyle. Physical activities have a direct influence on both your mental and physical well-being

  • Keep your spirits high and search for things that will keep you to stay motivated

  • Always fill your thoughts with healthy, safe and positive mantras/statements that you can relate with, where it will help you visualise your fruitful outcomes and polish the art of manifestation for your self-designed destiny

    You are responsible in manifesting your dreams. Help yourself in making your dreams come true. Give credit to yourself for your positive mindset as well as coming this far.




Use this next month to work on understanding your negative thoughts and feelings, clarity about your dreams goals and desires and your motivation levels and styles.


  • Reflect on your own negative thoughts and actions, look closely as we can be blind to our own levels of negativity
  • Play around with different positivity and mind clearing techniques, to see what works for you, try each one for every day for the month to truly see if it works or not. There are plenty of Meditation and Affirmation courses and articles on this site to help you.
  • FInd Clarity on what it is that you really want, it often isn't what we think it is, take plenty of time to reflect and imagine what it would be like to live your goals or dreams, is it what you want? Once you have a better understanding of what your goals are you are ready to start goal setting. There are some great courses about goal setting in the Abundance and Success section.
  • Become aware of how you procrastinate and get thrown off course with distractions and feelings of self doubt, there is a great mini course about Procrastination in the motivation section that will help you.
  • Start keeping a journal, firstly so that you can track your progress and see the changes and secondly journalling helps you to discover what are really thinking and feeling, many great revelations can come stream of consciousness writing that can come with journalling


For the next month just focus on nailing these areas, as each step builds on the last






Module 2: MONTH TWO

Visualisation Of Your Goals


Visualisation works! It is best to use on a daily basis for the achievement of your life dreams, goals and everything you want. As you learned previously on how to make smart goals, you need to complement the daily goals with detailed visualisation processes.



1)  The Visualisation Process


The process of visualisation involves visualising the most effective way you would want to pursue your goals, as well as the feeling you have when you have finally achieved it. This takes practice and for it to work you will need to do this countless times a day, every day. So the stronger visualisation ability you can develop,  the better the results and a lot of that comes down to faith in the process.


The majority of successful people in all walks of life use visualisation techniques to succeed in their goals, it works for them so make it work for you.


The Hollywood Actor Will Smith is an advocate and old hand with visualisation and he's fond of quoting Confucius's motivating motto, as way of explaining his blockbuster success: "He who who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right."


Lindsey Vonn is one of the most successful female skiers in history, and she says that it is her Mental Practice that gives her the competitive edge on the slopes.

"I always visualize the run before I do it," Vonn told MindBodyGreen "By the time I get to the start gate, I've run that race 100 times already in my head, picturing how I'll take the turns."


Practice makes perfect, visualise then visualise and then visualise some more, make each experience richer more detailed, make those experiences real.
You may say that you don't have time, you can hardly commit to a day let alone months and at this point you have to work out how much you want it. You are taking a time investment in yourself which will pay off big time but you have to be all in. People at the top of their game find the time to visualise and meditate for one reason only, it is the fastest route to success. Remember this isn't just about competition or money, success also means living a balanced and rewarding life, with family and friends, success mean living a life with purpose and that is what successful people understand.



As we can see things can work in our favour if we put our mind into it. Mr Smith always believed he would be famous, he was just waiting for the world to catch up. Google successful people using visualisation and you will be surprised at who pops up. What sets these people apart is their belief in themselves and their dream/goal and the ability to get off their arses and do something about it and then stick at it, with that mindset when they found the magic of visualisations they grabbed it with both hands and made it part of their daily routine. (once you do something for a month it become habit and therefore easier to keep up, so think about adding this to your goal list)


What are some of the goals we want to achieve in our daily lives?


A job promotion, quit smoking, starting a new business, finances for study or a holiday, losing weight, overcoming anxiety, buying a dream home or creating a life you love, big or small, goals are goals and are the starting point for success.


Your goals can be something in your physical world or it can be a personal achievement, it can be linked to your emotional wellbeing, your mental clarity or your spirituality. Absolutely anything connected to you that you want to achieve, change or grow can be a goal. 


You have to have a goal first and then you can work towards it, however that may play out.


The power of visualisation acts as a compass and where you will have a better sense of direction to navigate your goals. The one thing you need is a lot of determination and trusting yourself in the process. During your visualisations you will get a clearer sense of what you do and don't want, sometimes we have a goal and don't realise that it is no longer a dream of ours until we imagine actually living it. Visualisations also provide us with insights, revelations and directions to move forward


Once you have a goal and can visualise it, then nothing can stand in your way.




2)  Activation Of The Law Of Attraction


There is a full course on the Law of Attraction under the Abundance and Success Section.



Law of attraction is the ability to attract everything in our life that we focus on. It is all about manifestation, attention and mental creation. 


Can you see why it is so important to have mental transparancy, to become aware of what it is that you do focus on,  (positive things or negative), bringing your unconscious automatic reactions in your awareness, so that you can change them. Until you do you are unwittingly drawing negativity towards you and left wondering why.


Elevate Your Energy


Using Positive visualisations of your goals is literally pumping that good energy out there and this is a great thing, not just for you but everyone as you are spreading, happiness, achievement and goodness out into the world.


Whilst you are doing these visualisations you feel good right? Your subconscious is attracted to these happy vibes, your feelings of achievement and satisfaction and will store them, making them part of you and increasing your overall happiness vibe. 


As you continue with your visualisations, you  are not only focusing on your goal in real terms but you are also changing your own energetic vibrational rate or signature to match that of your goal, further reinforcing the attraction to you of that goal.


Help or Hinder


Our successes and our achievements can be influenced by many elements in our lives, this can be the people and energy around us or the resources we have to hand or the circumstances into which we were born or find ourselves now. All of these things do have an effect on us reaching our goals, postively and negatively.


But that being said, The Law of Attraction is same for all human beings regardless of ethnicity, age, profession, religion, beliefs, nationality and education. All human minds are vulnerable to this law that rules our lives and eventually makes our thoughts into things we can touch.


It is up to us to change our circumstances, to overcome them and succeed, we have it in our power to disengage from negative people and attract positive friends and collegues, we have the tools available on this site to help us change the energy of our home and work place to create a more postive and harmonious space. 


You have all these tools at your disposal now to work with the Law of Attraction to fast track you to your goals


It all comes down to how much you believe it and how much you want it, do you have the faith and the commitment necessary to move forward?



Try these simple exercises.


  • Focus on a negative aspect and on a positive aspect of your life for one minute each. Which aspect of your life is more prone to linger in your mind?

Journal your answers. Start to get to know yourself, let both the positive mindset and the negative speak to you, accept that right now you have both of these mindsets and this is a great thing. You can't get rid of something that you don't know or can't admit is there, just like with any issue or problem we can't get help until we admit and accept it.


  • Always be aware of your negative thoughts, taking control of you. Start by thinking about the negative experiences followed by your positive experiences. Set this as a goal   -  that you will notice the negative thoughts and then take action with an opposite positive thought, use your journal.


  • Set your intention to try to see the best in every situation. The state of your mind and your outlook in life determines the achievement of your goals. If you constantly have a pessimistic view on everything, it will be projected in your actions and influence the outcome of your goals. Therefore, try your best to see the best in every possible situation, even though sometimes things can get difficult but remember there is always light at the end of the tunnel.


Do you know? This power is previously used by some greatest personalities in the history of this world. The influencing names are Shakespeare, Blake, Emerson, Newton and Beethoven. It does not matter what your interests are; artistic, sciences or philosophy.


The law of attraction can take you far and may help you in various aspects which include:


  • Healthy love life and relationships
  • Better social interaction and communication skills
  • Money and wealth
  • Mental and physical improvement
  • Healthy life and self confidence
  • Reducing Anxiety and Self doubt, guilt or shame
  • Weight loss, fitness and mindfulness
  • Success and abundance



3) You Are What You Think You Are!

The more we are in tune with our inner self, the more familiar we are with what we are truly capable of. Therefore, they way you perceive yourself and your worth is important. If we see ourselves in a positive light, the more we attain. In contrast, if we think we are not good enough and are not worthy of success, the more we lose.



Whatever you desire to achieve is most likely present in your head as a mental image and is preparing to manifest in the form of the law of attraction. What you think you can manifest in physical form,  you can literally make your thoughts a reality.


This is why the power of visualisation is important. It plays a huge rule in the manifestation of your goals as you have this mental image that you can achieve what you want. Nothing is impossible when you believe. It gives you a sense of motivation that you are capable of doing even the unimaginable.


To manifest means to motivate yourself, intrinsic motivation is something that has to do with “you”. This looks complicated but actually this is not, it only seems to be difficult because you have been thinking about trying something abstract and new.


Try visualising your goals by sitting in a quite place for several minutes and closing your eyes. Focus on what you want and how you will achieve it.Don’t let anything distract you in the process. When you are done, you will feel fresh and motivated in taking charge of what you desire. It is hard to explain it, the best guide is for you to try it for yourself and then you wil get what I mean.


The visualisation of your goals leads to the results that you want.

Motivation stirs up the definite feeling of urgency, it is this feeling of urgency that makes you work towards creating your goals, turning them into reality.


As the saying goes,

“The beginning of love is at the end of resistance.”-Danielle Light


The very moment when you start to love yourself and defend yourself from negativity, all other things start to shed into your favour as well.



Last Month we looked at

 - Understanding your negative thoughts and feelings,

 - Finding clarity about your dreams goals and desires and your motivation levels and styles.

Continue working on these areas as it takes time to get to know ourselves and we learn something new each day about who we are and how we react. Every new situation we find ourselves in is an opportunity for learning of some kind or another.


Your focus for this month is practicing your Visualising


  • Google successful people who visualise, find those you connect with and read their stories, find out why they do it. It is helpful to build your trust if you see someone you respect or admire using these techniques as an integral part of their life. When you feel like giving up you can think of your "role model" and remind yourself that they do it for a reason and they have had great success.
  • Make visualisation a goal use the SMART technique and get started.
  • Pick 2 or 3 goals and create a visualisation related to them and then practice practice practice
  • Journal Everything
  • Look at your life, the people around you and your environment, make a list of all the sources of negativity. a bit like sorting laundary, work out which can be removed from your life, which need some management or adjustment and which you need to work around, then start making some changes. (there are other courses on this site that can help you removing negativity, success mindset is one)
  • Try the simple exercises, make them a goal and then make a plan  don't just promise yourself that you will get to it. Every piece of homework is a goal , so you will get lots of practice.
  • Take the Law of Attraction Course - really get to know it and understand it, so that you can see its value and potential and before you know it maybe you will start to see your own value and potential



Keep up with the work you began in the first module, as you continue through this course your goals and dreams are going to change and become more defined and refined, Remember you always have to know what your goals are, then you need a plan, then you need to do your mental practice and create some awesome visualisations that draw your dreams to you.



Implementing Your Action Plans


Planning, although vital, it is not everything; as taking action is what truly matters. Think clearly and count the number of times when you think about goals and compare with the number of times when you take action. The number of thoughts and mere plans would obviously be more than you taking action.

Think of problem solving and execute your thoughts or plans by taking action. Problems are part of life and you would confront them on your journey to success often. Prepare in advance about how you approach and overcome them.



Start small and Consistency is key.


Let’s imagine whatever you want to be, in example, a skilful chef. It’s impossible for you to create 5 star dishes if you just started out. You need some time to learn and practice. That’s why it is important for you to set realistic goals and be consistent in achieving them. Practice simple recipes first with simple ingredients and then carve your way up to work harder and on complex processes.

Let’s assume that you have determined the steps of taking action for a plan or a goal. To be more effective, jot down a goal and write down the plans for execution in simple 5-7 steps.

Review your own plan from time to time and tweak it according to your progress because there is no one so desperate to achieve your goals other than you.


Execute Your Plans

  • Make sure your plans and goals turn into action effectively, for efficient progression needs to be done gradually and in a consistent manner. Ensure and carefully plan the sequence in which plan would be implemented, step by step and with grace.


  • The orderly structure and points from which action needs to be taken by you is of utmost importance. Sequence matters when you are planning to execute a long term goal or plan. Long term plans always have some systematic steps and orderly management


  • Recall what we instructed in the start of this journey, start one habit at a time. Sometimes great plans demands equal amount of flexibility and rigidity to control the actions and managing own behaviour.



  • Develop an effective action plan to implement after your goals are sequenced. Next strategy is to putting the plan into game. Do not be overwhelmed by the long list of goals and steps for each goal.


  • Prioritise and pick one goal that demand urgency, which you can execute immediately. In this stage immediate goals are the focal point. Bring all steps of the goal together and analyse them as an overall task.


  • Note the possible potential challenges the specific goal might have and list management options for the probable challenges. Things to do also include whole management plan to prevent you from challenges leading to barriers. Must decide a deadline for each step and keep moving towards success using a wide variety of methods. A blend of different activities never let you down.


  • Look cautiously the lists and things you have in your action plan along with management plan as a backup. Few commonly matched examples are low financial resources, less time and energy or attention and interest.


  • All these are highly demanding but you have to brainstorm solutions as management plan i.e. use savings, start to save money from now, ask a friend’s help, listen to a motivational speaker , etc.


  • Human imagination is endless; no doubt it focuses on bad more than good while we start taking action for instance, would you face success or failure? What are the chances of you losing?


Focus on goal as if it were something would not work, what would be the reasons and how would you improve the situation? How to increase the chances to win and be a better version of who you are? Look at the worst case scenario that is playing on your mind and find a solution and challenge its validity


  • Plan again, third stage is to review plan, add something more to save you, motivate you and make yourself a better winner. The new things you saw since you once took action also goes into the plan when you sit back relax to evaluate it again and watch where did you start and where are you now presently?


  • Final step is defining goals, change your job or seek higher studies may be the first step to reaching your goals. From general to specific, goals should be like this- you start with the end goal, your dream life and then you find smaller shorter goals, like stepping stones that will help you get there



Attitude is everything, know that you are building for your future and that is very exciting indeed.



How To Act?


  • Action is materialising your thoughts into actions because ambitions are always packed with challenges and struggle. Achieving such goals require an action plan and strategy to have hands on, the goals you want to achieve.


  • Be realistic, stick to facts in action in contrast to the plans, visualise rational outcomes, and visualise what you expect for you to transform your life.


  • Do not be too hard on yourself no matter how hard it can be during the execution of your action plan. Completion is also a new beginning.


  • Keeping this in mind, check out these four stages for action - knowing you, finding out, making decisions and taking action. You would never jump mindlessly into doing something; there is always a sequence.


1. “Knowing you”


Is all about you, assessing your current situation in terms of values, interests, preferences and abilities. Whatever you are going to do must be aligned with your energy and passion. Passion is the fuel of acting on an interest.



2. “Finding out”


Is all about exploration. Exploring opportunities and looking around what is there for you? Would you like to waste your coins in an arcade by inserting them in a machine that is empty?

Of course not, human nature is to attract where the glitters are. You will be only using coins where the huge toys or candies are displayed to win them in exchange of coins you have bought for this purpose using your skills. Apply the same logic to your life.

Always look for; what you are utilising your energies on is not an empty machine. It is your duty to keep your eye on reward first as this is what keeps the motivational fire burning and push you forward to success.


3. “Making decisions”


Is comparing anything you have. Flames of motivation need your sincere thinking skills to choose the best option.

“Taking actions,” means working towards your goals. Ensure actions, at this stage whatever you are doing is 100% in your favour.



Write It All Down!


An American psychologist claimed something effective about writing down your plans to attain a clear idea on where you are headed. Writing is therapeutic it is a fact since centuries from the start of psychology but Dr. Gail Mathews as a professor at the Dominican University in California discovered that mentioning goals and dreams on daily basis in a regular pattern is associated with achievement of desires as compared to those who do not do it.


She did an experiment to generalise this rule, from all over the world, 272 men and women were gathered. The participants belonged to diverse nations and professions. The participants were then divided into 2 groups, one included those who write their goals daily and others who don't and the difference was significant.

Goal writing is effective for people in achieving desires and goals at significantly higher level. In conclusion 42% higher rate of achievement ,  this change appears only with the condition if they are being regular in the writing same goal.


Imagine the achievement rate if this were just one part of a daily routine focusing on turning your goals and dreams into reality.


This is a small action and can be done in few minutes daily. The best time is again before sleep but one can do this anytime of a day. You will be more likely to be a winner often than a loser. Writing the goals is both the element of science and an art. It portrays how goal setting works.


The principle is based on how brain works, Neuropsychology  presents two brain sides connected and wired electrically by corpus callosum, left side controls imagination and lets you think and left hemisphere is literal, all about planning  and they act by pushing down the dream signals via the spinal cord to all body parts.

Writing activates the left side, the logical brain and turns it into consciousness by saying I want this and I mean it,  shifting to I will achieve this.


The whole experiment throws you in a pool of clarity. Absorb the most from this well of goodness.


Write your text by editing it directly on this page.



Last Month we looked at

 - Visualising your goals

-  Dealing with Negativity

 -SMART Planning


Continue working on these areas as it takes time to get to know ourselves and we learn something new each day about who we are and how we react. Every new situation we find ourselves in is an opportunity for learning of some kind or another.


Your focus for this month is practicing your TAKING ACTION


  • Start implementing your plans
  • Refine your goals and plans
  • Attitude is everything, have excitement and optimism for the future but more importantly have faith in yourself, you can do this.
  • Journal the exercises the Four Stages of Action, Take your time the more you put in the more you will get out.
  • Make a commitment to write down your goal every day for at least the next month, before bed is perfect. Write the same thing and be specific



Keep up with the work, it's great that you have made it this far, as you continue through this course your goals and dreams are going to change and become more defined and refined, Remember you always have to know what your goals are, then you need a plan, then you need to do your mental practice and create some awesome visualisations that draw your dreams to you.


Module 4: MONTH FOUR

Actions As An Art


What is the definition of Action?


Taking action means to perform a deed, to execute something where it applies to the results as well. An action is short term and continues to develop in a series of many small acts that result in a meaningful outcome.


Executing your plans and dreams is the most important aspect of your manifestation journey. Fear is experienced while we try to do meaningful tasks but do not worry as it is as natural as your dream.



Fear kills your dreams more than anything else will. It is a common reason why people fail to act or achieve something simply because it is learned. You are uncertain about the factors that might arise while taking action. Consider that fear is the biggest challenge of your journey of manifestation.It has been regarded as the “greatest enemy of mankind”.


Successful renowned personalities including Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt have written quotes on fear that depicts their grasp on this hindrance towards achieving your dreams.


Some things  you may say or believe:


“I’m waiting for someone or something to help or happen”

You are incapable of believing in your own power, confidence and self esteem.


“I don’t have time to start”

It is about self belief and priorities. If your goal is important, you will always make time for it. It shows the significance of drive, energy and motivation to charge forward and your achieve goals.


“There are already people doing it better than me”

You quit before you even start.


“I don’t know where to begin”

These are all excuses which show you are letting fear get the best of you instead of searching for the answer on how to start.



“I don’t think I’m making any progress”

No story of success is without perseverance and action.


Remember, fear is not real. It is all made up in your head and will get the best of you if you focus your energy on it.


How did you dare to dream if fear is rational?

Imagine, what would it be like if you were not afraid of manifesting your dreams?

Truth is, you can unlearn the fear and embrace courage by the different steps we have been explaining since the start of this course.


Remember how you learned to read, walk and to talk? How did you overcome the fear in doing so? How did you have the courage to learn new things?

Just like this, the bad habits including fear can be unlearned and be replaced with courage.



Ignoring the ups and downs of life is impossible and dealing with fear is in your control. Lesson to be learnt here is to overcome fear. This fear includes fear that has been rooted since childhood when your loved ones say don't do that and you cannot do this.

The challenges in life strengthen the courage you have within you. The conditioning you had experienced since a child has two types of fear rooted inside of you;


Fear of failure and rejection.


This is your real enemy. Realise it, recognise, accept and construct your courage. This is your central action.


Ask these questions to resolve your deepest fears:


1. What would I have to do to eliminate fear?

2. How would I set myself free of my fears?

3. What is feeding this fear?



The emotion of fear is linked with unhappiness and stress and to eliminate fear you need to have unshakable self-confidence and the courage to open the door of possibilities. It is relatable that “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”


Overcoming Your Fears

As Clement Stone stated beautifully “Thinking Will Not Overcome Fear, But Action Will”. This is fact, fear is an abstract concept that has gained our attention to make its place and create doubt on the road to success. (Imagine the messy street example again from Module 1). Know that you must eliminate fears out of your mind, daily and punctually.

Usually, it is the results you are afraid of, not the action or the plan. You have learned the unpleasant consequences of when things go wrong


From today, each time you feel fearful, turn the consequence into a pleasant imagination. Use all visualisation as a tool to foresee a successful outcome resulting of fear. What’s more important is to focus more on the journey, than the results.


Just do it - we often read and hear it from others. What is its true essence?


If you stand in front of an animal you don't like and you are asked to take them in hand, you probably fear the sense of touch and experiences that you would perceive hence not acting on finishing the task.

How about if you suddenly try something you have never imagined doing?

You don't know anything about swimming  but after few seconds of panic and shock, you start seeing that it’s all right and it is not harmful. So another approach that promotes action is the initiative without over- thinking and deciding to do something on a specific place, day and time. Just do it!


Once you have successfully done something, letting go of your fears and visualising success, your hard work pays off.



This will inevitably boost your confidence. You have the skills to plan and the ability to act and handle challenges, improving areas where you lack. All of this is much more worthwhile than anything else. Meet new people, seek social and moral support and enjoy the whole process.


Don't wait - after one step is completed, put forth the next step and take action. Be physically recharged and mentally healthy, take short breaks in short durations and set aside the mental obsessions regarding perfection, comparisons, fears and what ifs.


Take your time to act out and journal  your experiences, take intense negative emotions and erase the large segments of self-loathing by writing it all down. Disposing of this burden makes you feel great about yourself and it aids the manifestation of outcomes and facilitates the healing process in achieving it.



Fear is loaded with procrastination, laziness and irrational thoughts. Take your own time and pace to manifest your own steps moving forward and don’t be too hard on yourself.



The Key is in your hands and now you are opening the door to own your dream and biggest desires of life




Last Month we looked at

 - Taking Action

-  Recognising your excuses

 -Dealing with Fear


Continue working on these areas as it takes time to get to know ourselves and we learn something new each day about who we are and how we react. Every new situation we find ourselves in is an opportunity for learning of some kind or another.


Your focus for this month is  THE ART OF ACTION, OVERCOMING  YOUR FEARS


  • Take a good look at the negative story you tell yourself about your goals and plans
  • Discover how and where fear is holding you back
  • Ask yourself in the questions in the module and journal your answers
  • If you are taking Unlock the Potential of You, use the Fear Processing exercises here
  • Just do it! Schedule in weekly or daily plans to do something you have been putting off or avoiding
  • Use your processing techniques from Unlock the Potential of You to help you with feelings of unworthiness



Keep up with the work, it's great that you have made it this far, as you continue through this course your goals and dreams are going to change and become more defined and refined, Remember you always have to know what your goals are, then you need a plan, then you need to do your mental practice and create some awesome visualisations that draw your dreams to you.

Don't let fear hold you back, it isn't real,  it is all an imagination of your mind,  so it's time to imagine something different.

Module 5: MONTH FIVE

Exploring Self-Reflection



The time to do self-reflection has arrived in your life. There is always an opportunity to explore your inner self with outer self. Your energy, potential, life interests and goals all provide a successful outcome if you have self-awareness.


Exploring yourself is valuable for the results of your action. You can practice this perfectly with keen observation and analytical skills. Be a critic of your own and never take this potential for granted.


You might be unaware of these skills before but with constant involvement, as well as practicing self-reflection repeatedly, it has fruitful  effects in your everyday life.


To reflect is the ability and the willingness to learn more than before, identifying your true purpose, taking further steps and demonstrating great interest in solving any setbacks along the way.


Some questions to ask yourself for reflection are:


  • What are your values?
  • How much do you care about yourself to improve to achieve and maintain success based on these values? 
  • What have you learned so far about yourself, goals, health and success?



Conscious Consideration


This is the most useful form of reflection you have; evaluating your beliefs and analysing actions carefully. It is the main purpose of reflection.


This sole learning process would help you in developing a connection of your thoughts with behaviours. This action would inform you about your future, destiny and how to prepare your mindset to take hold of certain events in the future as part of your manifestation journey.


I am going to share the essential habits for personal growth using reflection that will open doors and ease the path for your success. You just need to consider them with conscious efforts in your daily life and apply in your actions.



Start from doing each of these once a day and then increase the frequency according to your comfort level. Do not ignore your worries and prioritise your health and peace of mind. It will all finally work in your favour.



  • Being honest with your self is the best policy.


Speak honestly and execute your responsibilities honestly or truthfully. Always stay true to yourself. For instance, it is better to study honestly for 20 minutes at a time rather than doing it 60 minutes with 40 minutes of distraction and play.


  • Noticing your patterns is the second aim you need to achieve for reflection.


It involves your usual behaviours and actions, whatever you do as a person. Reflecting on your usual behaviours and actions gives you a deeper understanding on how you react in different circumstances and situations.



  • Articulating what you are able to achieve is another strategy you can practice.


It manifests your best self and interests. When you communicate your achievements, it expresses the feeling it holds.


  • Forgiveness is another way to self-reflect.


Stop playing the blame game. You have nothing to lose when you let go of your grudges and forgive other people’s mistakes towards you.

Change is hard but not impossible that’s why forgiving when necessary is best for yourself and others as well. Always remember that what comes around goes around and maybe one day you will require other people’s forgiveness as well. It is sometimes better to be happy than to be right. Always reflect on this.




Steps For Self-Reflection

You don't need to be overwhelmed or frustrated with how to reflect. It is as simple as you want it to be.

Here are the few steps for you to start your self-reflection:


Firstly, is by journal writing.


Journal writing helps you keep track of what you have gone through on a daily basis. You are able to monitor your personal growth regularly where you never miss a chance to evaluate what you are doing.

This will also give you confidence for what you will do next and what to plan next. It takes only a few minutes, a diary and a pen, which you can carry easily anywhere. You can record your thoughts and words anytime.



Secondly, spend 10 minutes a day to imagine where you would  like to be...


10 years from now or 5 years from now or 1 year and review what are you doing to achieve that dream life. What is holding you back from achieving it and what are the skills you are wasting or not maximising?



Thirdly, you can take up sports or exercise;


Sports and activity gives you a sense of energy. This can be anything from kickboxing, signing up for a marathon, swimming or soccer. Sports are also a good way to clear all the negative energy within you as it is proven to be a source of stress relief.



Defining Perfect Self Reflection Benefits


Nothing is perfect in this world.


So what makes a perfect reflection?


  • It all depends on you. Everyone has their own definition as well as perception on what makes up a perfect self-reflection.


  • Reflection allows you to focus in a better way. When you don’t have a certain goal in mind, somehow your daily task becomes meaningless and frustrating. Thus, it is important to have a clear vision on how you want to see yourself in the future.


  • Reflection helps prevent excessive worrying. We must realise that sometimes how we don’t really have total control of the outcome. At times we have to adapt to our unfavourable conditions.


  • Reflection allows us to detach from the excessive need to be in control all the time and let our energy flow towards improving ourselves. Hence reflection aids in removing the emotional burdens that actually serve as barriers to achieve our goals.


  • It allows you to notice some of the negative patterns occurring around you; whether you keep on coming back to the same toxic relationship or allowing your staff to slack from his job.


You will be able to consider alternate approaches to these events through reflection. Keep your eyes on the bigger picture. Reflect on things you enjoy doing the most. The accomplishments and little success you’ve done hold a lot of value. Recognising them using self-reflection will make you feel more accomplished than ever.



This way, you will allow yourself to catch and crush negative patterns of thoughts and actions in your life, convince yourself that you will be happy after a certain task.


Always reflect on your decisions. This will help you have a clear vision on what you want to achieve as well as weighing the possible solutions to your problems. Self-reflection gives you a more rational outlook on life.




Last Month we looked at

 - Recognising your fears

-  Overcoming your Fears

 -Taking action


Continue working on these areas as it takes time to get to know ourselves and we learn something new each day about who we are and how we react. Every new situation we find ourselves in is an opportunity for learning of some kind or another.


Your focus for this month is  REFLECTION


  • Schedule time for reflection and ask yourself the questions raised in this module and any others that you can think of.
  • Practice all the exercises in this module, these are daily tasks so ensure you schedule the time.
  • Focus on reflection and visualisation this month
  • Keep up with all the new habits, routines and exercises that you have been developing over the previous modules, each month is designed to build on the previous one, so you add to your exercises although your focus changes each month. 


Keep up with the work, it's fabulous that you are still here, as you continue through this course your goals and dreams are going to change and become more defined and refined, Remember you always have to know what your goals are, then you need a plan, then you need to do your mental practice and create some awesome visualisations that draw your dreams to you.

Reflection is a very important skill to develop, being able to reflect on yourself, your actions, your successes and failures will propel you forward towards your goal.

Module 6: MONTH 6

Expressing Gratitude For Everything


Why is gratitude necessary?


It is one of those actions, which attracts more abundance in your journey of manifestation.

Good things come back to you continuously when you make a habit of giving thanks and accepting thanks with a smile, without any complaints and comparisons. Know these are the rules that contribute in your advancement if you include gratitude in your life every moment.

Ralph Waldo Emerson exchanged a similar piece of advice years ago. Its foundation is grounded and cannot be dismissed. Try it yourself if you have not paid attention to this mystery yet!



If you have not been saying thanks often, it is not too late to do so.


In this hectic world we are living in, it is even difficult to express gratitude to a child who can still thank you for your deed and warm words.


Technology has been diverting our attention and stops us from taking action and living in the real world. We have to replace muted texts with personal voice.



We have enough time for a second to say thank you as well as to love and praise.


  • Write your goals on a piece of paper and express thank you to the ones who have committed even a small act of kindness to you. Express gratitude today for all those things you have never spoken of. Share it today to express gratitude.


Therefore, you should understand that gratitude is as existential as you are. Feel good and recognise it. You emit positive energy when you simply say “thank you”. This attitude attracts positive things in you. Your attitude of expressing gratitude will attract more abundance.


You can also express gratitude to yourself. Say thanks for all the actions you took initiative for, or succeeded in. Say thanks to all those who helped you, guided you, provided you, dropped you, fed you, put you back on track with their support. Have the maximum use of this energy.



Gratitude Lists

Listing is one of the convenient methods to show gratitude and not to forget any good deed. Enlist simplest deeds and things you feel grateful for in your everyday life.


For instance, your identity, home, school, park, nature, clothes, food and toys. It can be flowers, it can be water, it can be health, it can be your hair and at the end of each day you would have a bundle of things written on a paper in hand that enables you to see that you would be helpless without those things around you.


In few weeks or a month, it becomes a habit and you would feel restless when you don't write it and appreciate it.


This action opens up the blockage and realises abundance. Even a bad event has something positive and beneficial to say thanks for.



Emotional clouding of mind, pride and greed keeps us far away from realising the fact that we must show gratitude even if think we have everything in our lives and everything is picture perfect.


Do not hide your gratitude lists; keep it accessible to everyone so it spreads the magic of happiness. Your relatives, family members and all those you love can take part in this good energy flow and the participation indirectly brings them close to you.


"Happiness itself is a kind of gratitude."- Joseph Wood Krutch



What Is The Bridge Between Your Success And Practicing Gratitude?


The answer is people.


No concept of life is completed without maintaining the social aspect of your life. You can build social relations and even make the current ones better than before by expressing gratitude.


Make amends or even solve problems others may face by inducing gratitude and its benefits, it is priceless, and it releases emotional burdens and brings happiness and abundance. If you are thinking where to start, look at yourself in the mirror.


  • Place your hand on your chest and count your breathing and be grateful for being alive. Being alive has a purpose, search for your purpose and admit the rule of nature of being alive is to help others and appreciate everyone.


A winner uses gratitude to seize the day or live his or her own life to the fullest. This includes chasing their dreams and working towards the successful story they’ve always wanted.


Are you a winner?


I am asking again to assist you in reflecting back upon the habit of thankfulness. Gratitude has a marked effect in not only your life but also overall success and achievements. Gratitude replenishes self-control in a lost soul.


Self-control is the most powerful asset of a person who is a traveler, a traveler of one’s own biggest destination. This habit enhances discipline and focus about the objective of one’s journey.


You will achieve better physical and mental health. Gratitude helps in maintaining your physical and mental health. If you do not care about health or consider mental health as part of overall health, make a move right now.


Research studies have shed a light on the effects of gratitude in reducing depression and boosting mood for happiness. A person who rarely expresses gratitude and thankfulness attracts misery. Meanwhile, those who often write letters of gratitude and appreciation for someone will usually be surrounded by abundance. They give more and get more.


Not only this, physical health and fitness is also better among those who practice gratitude where they have a stronger immune system and less symptoms of illness. Frequent illness is also connected with being unthankful, as they always stress on things not being enough.


No doubt this amazing action is very easy to practice in our daily life. If you try saying thanks 100 times consciously in daily situations, after the specific number of times it would be accustomed to you.


You may never had a chance to ponder on the numerous benefits of just saying thanks. It influences our most valuable wish, makes us close to happiness, and grants us a long lasting effect to experience our lives in a happier manner. It creates thoughtful actions, the feeling of abundance which translates into your lifestyle, social life, universe for nature and nature.


Success is calling you, listen - Gratitude is a gift for you by the universe. Imagine the whole universe is striving for your goal with you and by your side angels are sending blessings to you to excel and gain more than what you already have. This is the energy of gratitude in your life. Remember to say thank you to yourself as well as others.




Last Month we looked at

 - Reflection

-  Who are you, where are you, where are you going and so on.


Continue working on these areas as it takes time to get to know ourselves and we learn something new each day about who we are and how we react. Every new situation we find ourselves in is an opportunity for learning of some kind or another.


Your focus for this month is  EXPRESSING AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE


  • Write your goals on a piece of paper and express thank you to the ones who have committed even a small act of kindness to you. Express gratitude today for all those things you have never spoken of. Share it today to express gratitude.
  • Place your hand on your chest and count your breathing and be grateful for being alive. Being alive has a purpose, search for your purpose and admit the rule of nature of being alive is to help others and appreciate everyone.
  • Make a list of things you are grateful for about yourself
  • By the end of the month it is your goal to be practising gratitude daily as part of your routine
  • Practice all the exercises in this module, these are daily tasks so ensure you schedule the time.
  • Keep up with all the new habits, routines and exercises that you have been developing over the previous modules, each month is designed to build on the previous one, so you add to your exercises although your focus changes each month. 


Keep up with the work, it's amazing that you have made it this far, as you continue through this course your goals and dreams are going to change and become more defined and refined, Remember you always have to know what your goals are, then you need a plan, then you need to do your mental practice and create some awesome visualisations that draw your dreams to you.

Unlock the Potential of You has a module on gratitude, with visualisations to help you.


Creating Your Own Legacy


I understand you have been following the legacy of others connected with your past, which includes influential figures, your family and friends. Now is the time for you to leave your mark.


You are now ready to contribute to the future and next generations using this discovery and principles you have learned, applied and admired.


You must believe that your life matters and with this you will leave your legacy on this earth. Live your life to the fullest and participate with great hope.


You have all the courage and capacity to do so.


You should know that your life matters and it is an undeniable fact that you will leave your mark on this world. It means you have made a great impact not only on your life, but also the life of others.


It will be a stamp on the future, where others will be interested in living their life to the fullest in a way that you did, with all of your achievements and personal growth.


What are the signs of people leaving behind their legacy?


One of it is someone’s advices and quotes. Some of them belonged to people from the last century but their legacy still lives until today.



Decide what you would leave for others, if you have decided then start creating and putting the important pieces together.


You must start executing the actions by now and know what you want to pass on to your future generations. In your day-to-day life, use your resources effectively to make an impact on yourself as well as others.


Leave Your Mark

  • Whatever areas of life you venture into, add more value in it to benefit others and of course first you are doing it for yourself.



  • The manner of your work, the actions and procedures you use may all contribute to creating your legacy.


  • If you are a writer, you may write for others; book, poems, columns, diaries, and any form that you like, use them to preserve a legacy.


  • Donate your money as much as you can to charitable causes.


  • Go through your tasks with a smile and free of stress without worrying about what next.


  • What you eat and drink, share as much possible, recipes and methods, tastes and blends. Make a collage of family traditions and write something meaningful to let others know how much they mean to you.


  • Be an inspiring role model, a mentor and not only a teacher but also a healer.


  • Listen and give advice. Share experiences and experiments.


  • Make a habit of being a volunteer in whatever you think you would be a best person to contribute with all of your energies and skills.


  • Think about starting a non-profit business for those who are unprivileged, get donations and distribute in society, promote at a blog. Scrapbooks, journals and letters are some other options.


  • Make a list of all skills you learned by interest and by need and construct a free course for those who cannot pay but need to learn to earn and support a family. Always do something that can help others and that is in your own will and hands.



  • There is no point in wasting time to think about something that you cannot do. Identify your potential and willingness and take action.



Have The Right Intentions

  • Whatever the kind of legacy you would like to leave to others, give it as pure as you can, with honesty and give the best you can. It all depends on what leaving behind a legacy means to you, what value you consider the best to support your cause.


  • Share some of your blessings with others. There are various ways to leave your legacy and one of it is to share your happiness with others. Do your best to transfer it in the best way.



  • You are enjoying and seeking happiness of abundance and now it is your time to give back. Legacy can be wealth and knowledge or skill. All you have attained and made. Use it as a part of legacy. There are some quickest and convenient methods to start contributing.


  • One of it is through mentorship. Mentorship is best option to exchange learning process and tips with others and teach at the same time to try to make a significant change in society. Share something beneficial and meaningful with everyone.


  • Simply motivate others to pursue their passion, listen to the voice of their hearts, polish their talents and ignore the criticisms and motivate them towards their improvement.


  • Spend each moment of your life doing something of your interest and seeing your achievements in the future. Make a difference with your ideas and invest in only what you want to see. Help others see their own potential as well.




Leaving Your Legacy


It will be deeply soothing to leave your legacy just like the wonders of the world. The following questions are for you to ask yourself to help you better understand on what you are able to contribute for others as well as yourself. These questions will help you in giving insight and assure you that you have not overlooked an important part of this action in our life.


  • Have you gained the position on which you want to be remembered?


  • Have you done all the things for which you would like to be remembered by your loved ones?


  • What have you done for your society?

Because you are leaving your legacy behind in this world and not only for your home, family and friends or relatives.



  • How do you visualize the community’s reaction to your legacy? Is it the same impact you want them to perceive?


  • Will your legacy help the world to become a better place?


  • How many lives would you touch with your legacy?


  • What lessons would be passed on to others from your legacy?


  • The whole world takes benefit from what you taught them. What has this manifestation journey shown you?


  • Will the habits you have developed through this manifestation journey influence your daily routine in a positive way and is adequate to influence others?


All you need to do now is to allow yourself to start doing what truly matters,

“Start Living In The Way You Want To Be Remembered”