The Unity Tool Kit™️

Leading the way in Personal Development, facilitating deep transformations by putting the power back in your hands!.

You are the warrior in your own life and you can change the game with these empowering resources!


Blending Psychology with Mysticism to Create Deep Transformations



The UNITY Tool Kit™️ is a series of personal development and coaching resources that you can use on your own, with a group or with a facilitator to look at the blocks, issues and problems, that are affecting your life and stopping you from achieving your goals.

It will highlight for you what you need to be looking at and offer you insight into how you can resolve it. By expanding your awareness of yourself and your world you are able to take back control and truly love the life you live. 


Working with the UNITY Tool Kit™️ will help you create balance, success and joy in all areas of your life.

It will help you take responsibility, inspiring and empowering you to achieve your goals.

All of the tools are very effective on their own but when you have the whole tool kit you have everything you need to create the life that you dream about.



The Unity Tools follow a simple path to achieve BALANCE

Awareness - Expression - Reflection - Re-program/Release = Balance

Once you are in balance and alignment, all obstacles melt away and you are able to enjoy the bounty of life, that being in the flow affords.

The Unity Tool Kit makes your unconscious accessible and so the mysteries of your world begin to untangle.


"Sometimes we have to get out of our own way as we can be the greatest obstacle to our own success"


Unity Tool Kit Range

Reaching Unity is the name for the product range, as Unity is our Goal and with these products in your Tool Kit you will get there!


The results are transformational as the tools work on the mental, emotional and physical and action levels, helping you to peel away the layers of conditioning, limiting beliefs and distorted perspectives that keep you stuck and healing the wounds that keep you in fear. The results are empowering and liberating.

Reaching Unity Cards 

The Reaching Unity card set is quick, direct and effective, showing you where you are out of balance and blocked using the Duality cards (emotional mental physical and behavioural imbalances) 

Offering you a solution with the Unity cards (balanced energy states)

The Reaching Unity Cards will work with you as you take responsibility and reach a higher level of self awareness.

You will see where you are getting in your own way and how to take steps to resolve it.

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Reaching Unity Game

The Reaching Unity Game, is not a game in the traditional sense, it is a deeply transformational psychological and spiritual journey.

Building on and incorporating the card set, the Game takes your development a step further, reflecting all elements of you and your journey through life.

The game guides you to see your mental emotional physical and motivational imbalances and where your ego may be blocking you.

Your freewill, intuition and decision making is also brought into focus and there are lots of opportunities for reflection and revelations.

You will get the chance to examine and challenge your own views and ideologies and find out what really motivates you.

With the Heart Squares and Unity Cards you are guided to return to your heart, heal,  release and move to a higher state of consciousness

We are currently taking Pre-Orders for Delivery May 2019

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Reaching Unity Membership


Reaching Unity is all about dealing with your blocks and baggage, your pain and wounds and healing. Bringing yourself back to your core being in all its glory, with a complete awareness of your connection to all things.

To get there, you have to be prepared to make some changes, to start to unpick all the habits, beliefs and conditioning you have picked up over your life time.

But where do you start? With Reaching Unity Membership Site, everything you need for you personal development is in one place. 

From building a great foundation of meditation diet and awareness to tacking anxiety or stress.