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Whether meeting Michele for a reading, working with her one to one or taking part in a course or workshop you will feel the transformative energy that she brings to everything she does



Unlock The Potential Of You

Personal & Spiritual  Development Course 


  • “A mind overhaul and de-programming, challenging what I believe is possible, and what I'm capable of.”

  • “Transformative, powerful, joy, direction, life changing.”

    5 words to describe what the course meant to them

  • “insight, balance, love, release, expansion”

    5 Words to describe what the course meant to them

  • “Balance, insight, reconnection, centre, a way to keep going even when I feel like giving in.”

    5 Wordsish to describe what the course meant to her

  • “Opening up again to my intuition, possibilities and trust, learning to find my own Truth and centre again.”

  • “I started the course with an open mind and was interested in how a life coach could help an old bird like me. Day 1 the processing was explained and it was like a light shone down on my brain and I connected with what she was saying.”

  • “I consider myself a phase one graduate today. I have completed the most ambitious and self-valuing experience of my life. ”

  • “The Course was excellent learning. I was
    able to understand the concepts with ease and am learning to
    use it in my daily life - my outlook is totally different now i
    understand myself and my reality more.”

  • “it was friendly, light hearted
    and a lot of fun, it also has given me the opportunity to
    break away old concepts and habits and embrace a new
    way of thinking and living. Thankyou. ”

  • “Life Changing”

  • “Everything has changed for me my work, my relationships, my attitude; I have finally found my bliss”

  • “Thankyou Michele, for giving me the tools to change my life. Wow what changes I have made. It's been a bit of a roller coaster at times but well worth it. Gone are the days of the mental straight jacket to feeling full of joy and excitement for the future”


Mentoring & 1:1 Coaching


  • “I have completely outgrown the 'old' me & I am a much better person for it. I now have the confidence to express my own opinions & stand in my own power. This has enabled me to start a new business & completely change the way I relate to people.”

  • “Michele shows me never ending patience and wisdom and I know I have been hard work at times, this has changed my life”

  • “I was always searching for something and now I’m not”

  • “Michele you played a huge part in my journey , you were amazing and I will never ever forget that or you.”

  • “Michele knows everything and gently guides me so that I can see it too ”


Psychic Readings


  • ““Spot on””

  • “Really helped put things in perspective”

  • “This is a fantastic recommendation!”

    CEO, John Doe Corp

  • “Freakily accurate”

  • “Hearing the truth of everything that you read for me and I felt very calm, safe and supported afterwards”

  • “Michele always leaves me feeling inspired and motivated”

  • “She’s good”

  • “Very positive, always uplifting”

  • “I am still amazed that we didn't need to connect or meet online to do so yet all of it resonated for me and I know that the same reading could not be possible for another person and was only for me.”

  • “I could feel your passion throughout the reading and it really helped to have explanations of what is happening throughout and repeating the message till it sank in and I accepted and owned it.”

  • “She made me see an old issue with new eyes”


Other Stuff


  • “ I really
    enjoy your online guided meditations especially, you have the awesome
    ability to really take someone on a journey into themselves!
    bringing forth new understanding an experience i
    would highly recommend to anyone! ”

  • “You have been an inspiration to me, guided me to see how my life can be so much more joyous and beautiful. ”

  • “I would highly recommend her spiritual work to anyone.”

  • “ I am over 50 and I have been a wounded pup most of those years. Now I am not hurt. I am not being constantly relegated to mean names and derogatory terms. I truly feel I have worth… value… meaning. ”

  • “Teaching from the heart is what she does best💖 She has been spot on about all the information she has transferred. Thank you for the opportunity to grow knowledgable on this subject🌟 You are a blessing🌅🙏🏽✨”

  • “Crossing paths is a blessing and ALL would benefit learning more about their individual energetic blueprint and understanding the energy that surrounds us”

  • “Powerful demonstration in my own life has opened the doors to healing, cleansing, and rejuvenation. I am able to see a better me in a better life living in a better world. This project works and I am thirsty for more”

  • “Everyone needs a Michele in their life ”

  • “She has an amazing way of helping you see things clearly and from a higher perspective. This cuts through the layers of confusion when you can't see a solution. ”

  • “Michele gives you the tools that you need to help yourself through anything you may be experiencing. ”

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