Learn To Read Tarot

Discover a New World 

Reading Tarot makes your life

so much easier, it

can guide you when to walk away and 

When to hang in there!


Tap into Your Intuition

Everybody has the ability to read Tarot and read it well. It is all about developing your own natural connection and that is not hard to do!

Have Fun - Amaze everyone with your predictions

Tarot reading is fun and entertaining and we all need more of that in our lives

Your friends and indeed you will be amazed at how accurate you are


Have all the information you need at your fingertips

Feel Empowered & Wise 

Heading off disaster before it happens, being cool with a change in events as you knew it was going to happen, these are just some of the benefits that come with learning Tarot.

And it's just really cool!

Strengthen your connection to Source Energy

We use the same connection if we are healing meditating or tapping into our psychic knowing, so practising one will strengthen them all



Online Course £45


A simple & easy to follow guide

2 hour 15 minute video tutorial

2 podcasts of visualisations for connecting with your cards and universal energy

4 Worksheets

Learn to Read Tarot with Michele Elizabeth Mystic ebook

275 x 183-10

I Will Teach You

  • To connect & bond with your cards – The more you love your cards the deeper the messages you will get.
  • To connect into source energy and then the energy of the person or situation you are reading. 
  • To recognise the patterns and flow of the card spread and what that means.
  • Several card layouts and when you would use them to gain deeper understanding and clarity.
  • How to read the cards and how their meanings can change depending upon the position they fall.
  • How your own filter can change the messages you receive.
  • Understanding how spirits can bring their own messages as you read.
  • The Ethics of Tarot Reading and your responsibilities.
  • Unity Growth

    “Loved it nice & easy to follow”

  • Unity Growth

    “Loved getting back into Tarot Reading and this course made me see it slightly differently, which has been great”

  • Unity Growth

    “So much of what she said made sense I just hadn't thought of it before haha”