Reaching Unity Card Set

Empowering You

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The Reaching Unity card set is quick, direct and effective, showing you where you are out of balance and blocked using the Duality cards (emotional mental physical and behavioural imbalances) 

Offering you a solution with the Unity cards (balanced energy states)

The Reaching Unity Cards will work with you as you take responsibility and reach a higher level of self-awareness.

You will see where you are getting in your own way and how to take steps to resolve it.



Each Pack Consists of:

  • 56 Duality Cards
  • 39 Unity Cards
  • Online Instructions and Descriptions
  • Each card has a QR Code which you can scan with your phone and instantly access further descriptions and exercises. This is so handy when you are taking your cards out and about.
  • Soft Case

We are currently taking Pre-Orders for  Delivery May 2019




What people are saying about these cards:


"These cards are insane, they got straight to the point of my problem and then helped me bring in the most amazing energy to make it all better. I would highly recommend these cards to anyone who is up for dealing with their stuff and feeling amazing"

Josh Australia, Unlock the Potential of You, Student Counsellor



" I have been working with Michele with Unlock the Potential of You and working with these cards has taken my growth to a whole other level. The unity energy that comes from the cards is intense and the most blissful magical feeling ever. Using these cards I felt physical shifts and sensations throughout my whole body"

Lisa UK, Unlock the Potential of You, Retail


" I am looking forward to using these cards in my Counselling work, they get so quickly to the core of the issue, which can take weeks in traditional counselling, I can see how beneficial they are going to be. They get beneath your defences in such a gentle yet direct way, amazing!"

Rebecca UK Counsellor


" I can see the psychological framework in these cards and I am starting to experience the mystical, they are rather special and I would recommend these cards to everyone"

Christine UK  Therapist


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