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Imagine for a moment that you have in your possession a source of absolute and everlasting power. You solely could command the warmth of the sunshine, the rain, the tides and the direction of the air. What would you perform with this kind of power? Would you abuse it causing the world to fall into absolute chaos? Would you be generous and openhearted, employing your power to serve the humans of your planet accomplish their greatest potential? 


Unluckily (or luckily, as the illustration could be) there's no way for an individual to consume such power. Mother Nature controls the global systems. You'll never be able to hold complete control over your surroundings. What if you could, decide the path of your own life? What if you could achieve outstanding things and gain great wealth merely by applying the ability of your own mind? What if I said to you that this doesn't have to be a “what if?” What if I said to you that you have in your mind the ability to create the path of the remainder of your life on whatsoever course you consider fit? 


All individuals contain in their mind the ability to mould the events of their life to accomplish whatsoever goals they see fit. This power is called the law of attraction.

Chapter 1:

What is the Law of Attraction?


The opinion held by numerous theorists is that the world is regulated by a set of universal laws; these laws can't be altered, can't be broken and apply to every person, no matter what their age or nationality may be.

These laws are the riverbanks, which direct the stream of their lives on its trip to its final destination. 

The law of attraction is one such law. The law of attraction is the belief that anybody may mould their fate through the power of their minds.


The Law of Attraction pulls in to you everything you require, according to the nature of your thoughts. Your surroundings and financial status are the exact reflection of your accustomed thinking.


  • The Basics


Before we advance too far into the modern applications of the law of attraction, it's crucial that you comprehend that this isn't just New Age nonsense (many descriptions of the law of attraction refer to it as a production of a New Age mindset). The rules of the law of attraction go back long beyond the newfound fame of the New Age. 


The Buddha was in reality among the first to introduce humanity to the law of attraction. He said, “What you've become is what you've thought.” This was a rule that the population of the east were familiar with for hundreds of years prior to it starting to flood into the western hemisphere. 


The concept of karma likewise might have cast its roots from the law of attraction. Karma says that you'll eventually be revisited by that which you've sent out into the world. If you've practiced kindness and compassion, you'll receive in a similar way. If you've been purposely unkind to another, you'll get back into your life that harshness which you've sent out. Your actions and ideas morph into physical entities, causing the world to respond in a similar way. 


The law of attraction started to acquire fame in the western hemisphere in the nineteenth century, when people started to treasure the power of positive thinking and implement it to their life. 


As you are able to see, the law of attraction isn't new. The concept that belief may bear an overriding impact on the path of a man’s fate has been taught by wise men throughout the ages, and has contributed a rise to a totally new era of opinions.


The theory trailing the law of attraction is the opinion that energy draws in similar energy in the immense area of space and time that makes up our universe. Each individual’s existence is constantly radiating energy out into space; the type of energy being radiated is moulded by the spirit of the person and might differ from day to day-sometimes even hour to hour! 


This energy is what is generally known as a “vibe” and is referred to as a vibration from scientists studying the natural law of attraction. 


Chances are that you're acquainted with the term. Have you ever been with somebody who's so cheerful they appear to be radiating a “glow which urges happiness in all those close to them? By the same token, have you ever spent time with somebody who was so decisive and miserable that they systematically emitted a “negative vibe” which appeared to suck in the spirit and happiness out of all those close to them? 


You don't have to have psychic abilities to be capable to sense the vibes that people give off; this energy is very real on a mental level and will involve anybody, anyplace at any time. Our vibes are generally an unconscious mind reaction to some form of environmental stimulation; something has took place which has stimulated us to feel pleased, or distressed, frightened, baffled, tried, and so forth., and our subconscious reaction to this (because vibrations are brought forth and projected by the subconscious mind rather than the conscious) is something that's beyond our control. 


Chances are the individual who's giving off a negative vibe doesn't prefer to be distressed, nor do they want to impose their sadness upon all those close to them by the simple reality of their presence. A few exclusions to this rule. Misery does love companionship and on that point there are many people who take a good deal of pleasure in imposing their trouble upon others. It's crucial to realise that this isn't normally done in a want to induce others trouble but out a need to not feel so lonely. But we digress…) 


There are a number of feelings which can contribute to positive and negative vibes being passed off, and it's crucial before we continue along any form of discussion about the natural law of attraction that you comprehend what each of these are.


  • Positive vibes 


Positive vibes are brought forth by good feelings, such as: 


  • Joyfulness 
  • Passion 
  • Excitement 
  • Abundance (of anything that causes a confident reaction) 
  • Pride 
  • Ease 
  • Self-confidence 
  • Affection 


  • Negative vibes 


Negative vibes are brought forth by negative feelings, such as: 


  • Disappointment 
  • Solitude 
  • Lack (of any of life’s requirements or luxuries) 
  • Sorrow 
  • Disarray 
  • Tension 
  • Anger 
  • Pain 



What do vibes have to do with the natural law of attraction? 


As we noted before the basic principle of the natural law of attraction is the feeling that life energy draws in like energy. This implies that if an individual is giving off positive vibes, they'll attract good things to them and if they're giving off negative vibes, they'll attract bad things to them. 


You've seen this rule in practice before. Have you ever known somebody who was always cheerful and confident and appeared to be too favourable to be real? Alternately, you've surely known somebody who enjoyed complaining and looking upon the gloomier side of life that always appeared to have something new to complain about because matters were always going haywire. These instances demonstrate people drawing in the same type of energy they're emitting. 


Does this imply that every last one of the bad matters that happen to you in this life are because you subconsciously desired them to? This is among the most frequent debates against the idea of the law of attraction and it’s oftentimes the most challenging to refute because individuals haven't yet acknowledged that the law of attraction isn't a pipe dream or something that somebody dreamed up while sitting on their porch one hot summer night. It's a reality of life, and its forces are far reaching. 

In answer to your inquiry, no, not everything bad that occurs in your life is an outcome of you subconsciously wanting it to occur. 


Occasionally it's an outcome of somebody else wanting it to occur. To quote an example from an internet site referring to the law of attraction a child or a partner who's abused isn’t abused because they wanted this abuse to occur. 

 This abuse occurred because the abuser allowed for their negative views pertaining to their child or partner to crawl across their subconscious mind until they in time started to dictate their actions. 


The brain is a mighty thing, and wherever the mind travels, the feet will shortly follow. The foundation of any success you're going to come across in life isn't the power of your physical body to master the obstacles but of your mind to think that a path lies around them. 


“Wherever there is a will, there is a way.” Whenever your mind can conceive that there's a path for the body to accomplish, its heart’s desire, a path does exist. 

Chapter 2:

Applying The Law


It does not do you any good to know what the law of attraction is if you don't recognise how to apply it to accomplish success in your personal life. Once you've perfected the fundamentals of the law of attraction, you'll be able to enforce it to any area in your life. 


Use It


The beginning step in discovering success through the law of attraction is to take responsibility for the affairs that have taken place in your life, both good and bad. 


This is oftentimes the hardest part of accomplishing success through manifestation since we're educated from childhood to think that our surroundings contribute in a big part to the conditions in which we discover ourselves. It is very difficult to accept the responsibility and recognise the reality that your environment wasn't the starring contributing factor in each of these issues; in numerous events you'll have no one to blame but yourself. 


In order to assist yourself move past these issues take a minute and compose on a piece of paper each of the major issues in your life (once again, both good and bad). Allow a good deal of room underneath each of them. Now, take a minute to travel backward and recap these issues. Compose what you were experiencing at the time they occurred, how you felt prior to it happening and what issues had happened before this. Chances are you're going to discover that issues happening in your favour happened occasionally while you were controlled by a positive mental attitude and other affairs in your life were going correctly. On the alternate side, issues which took place plausibly occurred at the same time as other issues in your life that made you have a negative outlook. Coincidence? 


Once you've acknowledged the reality that you're responsible for your own destiny it's time to advance one step further and find out what it is about your life that you'd like to modify. 


Do you wish to line up another occupation? Move to a new home? Embark on a meaningful relationship? Name the things you want to accomplish and write them down. Exhibit them in a striking place; constantly being able to see the expected outcomes of your efforts will help to hold you on the proper path. Basically, with the foundation of this list you're asking the world for what you desire. 


Think about this awhile so that it's planted securely in your mind, and keep your goals particular; making a goal too large or general is an almost sure guarantee that you'll not accomplish it because you'll be overly occupied worrying about how you're going to accomplish it. 


Bring up your vibrations so that they're all positive. Behave and feel as if you're confident that the final outcome you're hoping for is going to take place. This is a necessary part of the law of attraction because it's really simple to let your mind start to drift to all of the troubles which you might come across when attempting to accomplish your goals. This will make your vibes become negative and will work against you instead of for you. 


Accept that it may take place. Many times your subconscious mind is our own stumbling block; you'll be trying to convince your conscious mind that something can occur while simultaneously your subconscious mind is selecting the reasons that it will never work. In order to assist yourself overpower this stumbling block and bear total trust in the fact that you'll be able to effect this modification in your life you should look once more at the piece of paper upon which you've composed your goals and try to write them in terms that will assist your mind and body accept them as fact. 


It's suggested that you compose these statements in the third person instead of the first; it's oftentimes hard for the mind to accept something as truth when it's cast in such relative terms as I, me or my. For instance, if you're attempting to discover a new line of work you may state, “Millions of individuals every year work in lines of work which make them happy.” If you're attempting to embark on a meaningful relationship you may state, “Millions of individuals around the world have discovered their soul mate and are presently happily settled in established relationships”. 


The purpose of composing these statements is to cast the negative vibrations and questions from your mind. If you're not able to accept the result as reality, your subconscious is going to put forward a different result. It’s going to be this result that your mind and body concentrate on. Consequently, this result is going to be the one that will become your reality and you'll walk away utterly sure that the law of attraction is absolutely untrue.

Chapter 3:

What Can the Law of Attraction Do for You

Why is real success so relatively unforced? It may be compared to the magnetic field produced by an electrical current through a wire. The greater the force of the current, the larger the magnetic field that it brings forth. And the magnetic field itself then influences everything in its presence.

The law of attraction may help to decide the path of your future, and the successes or failure, which you might come across along the way.


What Can Happen:


  • Work 


Allow us for an instant to consider the possibilities of the law of attraction when utilised in your working environment. For those who are looking for a line of work it might be out of the question to discover one which accommodates them. Is this because such a line of work doesn't exist, or is it because in their subconscious they think that they'll not be capable of discovering a line of work and therefore are discharging so much negative energy out into the world that they're in reality forcing these lines of work away? 


Anybody who's ever attempted to look for a line of work (or known someone who was) acknowledges that you have a drastically improved chance of discovering profitable employment when you're already employed elsewhere than when you're out of work. For somebody who's lost their line of work and is presently without employment it might seem less complicated to climb Mount Everest than to acquire that first crucial interview. It appears as though job after job just is not interested in what they have to provide. 


Why is this? It surely can't be because there are no employment opportunities out there; after all, chances are they would not have applied for the line of work if the line of work hadn't already shown its interest in enrolling new employees. Why, then, do individuals suffer from unemployment for months or even years at one time? 


The answer to that is they oftentimes believe they'll not be capable of discovering a line of work, and therefore they've given up trying. In their subconscious they don't sincerely think that any of their attempts will bear fruit, and so they're casting that negative energy all around them. 


Then again, a person who already has a job is secure and confident in their ability; after all, somebody has evidently thought them suitable enough to employ them (and keep them) they're confident enough in their abilities that they think they deserve a line of work that will treat them better/compensate them more/supply more exciting work/and so forth. 


It's this quiet assurance that will lead to the outcomes of the law of attraction becoming obvious. Since they're casting this positive energy around them, they'll be attracting positive energy likewise, drawing in the line of work that they sincerely desire. Remember when you were listing your goals above and you had to admit the truth that they could occur? 


Chances are that you likewise are searching for more from your vocation than you have right now. If you're still searching for that golden opportunity, ask the universe for it, then take it easy and wait, secure in the cognition that the universal law of attraction will bring it to you. It may not be now, it may not be tomorrow, but it will happen. 


Let us say that you're fulfilled with the line of work you have but you're looking for an advancement; after all, no one would like to be at the bottom of the totem pole forever. 


In order to acquire the advancement you're dreaming about the first thing you must do is get rid of any doubtfulness. Walk into the interview a hundred percent certain that the position will be yours; remember, if you're still accepting the feeling that the position might be above you and you're not sure that you have the required skills to fill the position you're absolutely right. 


If you've ever attended high school you've likely experienced the lecture on what to do and what not to do in an interview. Among the greatest don’ts in interviewing protocol is to allow the interviewer see that you're uneasy. By showing the interviewer that you have confidence in your power to handle any line of work which they throw at you, you're expanding your value as an employee in their eyes. 


The same may be said when trying to  open a business. It's crucial when approaching potential investors that you have a hundred percent trust in yourself and your business in order to ensure that they'll be willing to gamble on you. 


Is this demand for total sureness a coincidence solely, or is it the law of attraction at work? By bearing trust in your powers, you're broadcasting positive energy out into the world, and therefore attracting the positive energies currently existing in the universe back unto yourself. 


It's impossible to over-stress the importance of vibrating positive energy as you're discussing the law of attraction, and you'll see this idea repeated in any and all conversations concerning it. The discharge of positive energy into the world is what permits you to create the path of your fate on a firm road to success instead of a crinkled route of doubt that will in time lead you unhappiness, either through the failure to accomplish the goals for which you've worked so hard or through the steady up and down stream of your life, never being sure which is going to prevail. 


  • Love and Family 


There are two components of their life which individuals typically seek to alter; their employment surroundings and the human relationship which they have with their families and their domestic partner. You could be asking yourself, “Can the natural law of attraction truly assist me to build human relationships with the individuals that I love, and to repair broken fences?” 


The response is, absolutely! The individuals you love are regulated by the same flux and current of energy as you yourself are, and as such their energies will by nature be drawn to like energies which are being given off from some other person. If you're putting out positive energies and emotions, they'll respond in a similar way. They will not be able to help it; it's simply the way of the world. 


Allow us to consider your family first, because with family there is already an imperceptible attachment. There are numerous causes why family members might find themselves distant from one another; it's not a requirement that you like the individuals you love, the battles can become brutal. 


Regardless of the causes you and your family might have had for your issues it's never effective to leave relationships festering like that. You have to repair them in order to accomplish real peace and harmony in you. In order to mend a relationship that's been crushed you must first be positive in the fact that you not only are going to be able to repair the crushed bonds, but that you sincerely want to. 

It's very simple to utter hypocrisy to the individuals around you, telling them that you would like to fix your broken fences (and frequently blaming the fact that they're broken on the other party attached, of course) when actually you show the disfavour that you bear toward the other individual. You do not really want to restore your fences, or if you do you've not yet released what has caused the issue to begin with. 


Releasing your bitterness is a necessary ingredient in discovering harmony, for in order for the law of attraction to be able to smooth your path you must first free yourself of all of the negative energy you've been broadcasting. It's crucial that you accept the reality that you are able to forgive and forget, allowing for the two of you to have a much brighter relationship than you've had up to now. In some circumstances reconciliation is not possible, however you still must free yourself of the negative energy of pain and bitterness. 


The method of drawing in a significant other is a great deal similar; however, in order for the law of attraction to be capable of drawing them in to you, you must be really particular when preparing your request to the cosmos concerning precisely what it is that you're searching for in a relationship. 


This doesn't signify that you should outline the color of their hair, their eyes, their political background (although whenever this is of high importance to you it might be worth submitting for consideration). Remember, the law of attraction implies that your subconscious is going to be attracted to their subconscious, and politics are not going to be of primary importance there. As an alternative, concentrate on the sort of values you want for them to have, the type of relationship that you're expecting (do you wish to marry, date casually, and so forth) in addition to personality traits which you feel are particularly significant. Then let yourself believe that you're going to discover this. 


The final step here is the most significant. As was the case in the instance we used referring to the power of a person to gain employment, the belief that a relationship with the individual of your dreams is out of your grasp is going to lead to you being perfectly right. Remind yourself that each day hundreds of men and women are establishing a life with the individual of their dreams; there's no reason for you to be left out from this number. 


It's crucial that when you've placed a request for a significant other with the cosmos that you be ready to be patient. The cosmos are not always going to present you with precisely what you wish for, precisely when you wish for it. It does things in its own time. 


Now, imagine that you've asked the cosmos to present you the man or woman of your dreams, but you get impatient because it hasn’t happened within a couple of weeks of making the request. You start to go out with somebody else, and that somebody else starts to engage your mind and your attentions until they're all that you see. They're not the individual which you asked the cosmos for, nevertheless; they're merely somebody destined to fill up the time until that individual arrives. 


Over the course of time that you're seeing this other person, however, you've become acquainted with quite a bunch of new individuals. These new individuals are phantoms fading in and out of your life because they're not this new individual whom you've started to date. What would you do if the individual you had been looking for were amidst that number? What if they had come searching for you, but you didn't acknowledge them since you were so occupied attempting to keep yourself busy until they arrived? 


It's crucial that you not close either your mind or your spirit to the cosmos because of outside interference; this is the most disastrous error you could make. It implies that you've lost trust in the power of the energies of your mind to interact with the energies of nature to convey you your wanted outcomes, and the negative energies rendered from these ideas will end in the individual of your dreams walking off from you prior to you even recognising they were there.

Chapter 4:

When Doesn’t the Law of Attraction Work


As you'll have gotten from past sections, the law of attraction doesn't always work in the manner that all individuals involved would prefer it to. Why is that? After all, if the law of attraction is universal, how come it only works a portion of the time? 


The answer to that is discovered in the brains of the individuals who are trying to apply it. The sole thing standing between you and success is yourself; this was talked about earlier. 


If the brain is backed up with so much bad energy that it can't expel the positive vibrations which will draw in the positive energies of the cosmos, the law of attraction won't be capable of assisting them. They must first free themselves of every last bad vibration and begin fresh. 




Get Rid Of The Junk



  • Common Mistakes 


As with all skills it requires time, effort and devotion to really master the utilisation of the law of attraction in your life. There are a number of components which may stimulate the law to act in manners which you might not have anticipated, nearly all of which fall back on the user’s power to abide by the guidelines needed to discover success with this incredible new tool. 


Fortunately, the errors which are attained with reference to the practice of the natural law of attraction are as general as it is, and therefore really easy to distinguish and sort out. 


The trouble isn't that the natural law Of Attraction is deficient, it's because it's solely one part of the puzzle. You're one snap away from finding out how to make the natural law of attraction an unbreakable force. 


Five Frequent Mistakes 


1) Believing that positive thinking is enough to draw in what you desire.

Positive thinking happens solely on the conscious level; this is why positive thinking isn't sufficient to put into force the law of attraction. It's required for belief to enter the subconscious mind also. 


The brain is constantly functioning on two levels, the subconscious mind and the conscious mind. The conscious mind is being given hundreds of tidbits of data at whatever given time from each of the five senses. This is an unbelievable sum of data to process, even from such a progressed instrument as the human mind. The brain would gradually become crazy if it had to address all of that data all of the time.


As an alternative, the brain acquired the conscious mind, which serves as a strain to review the data transmitted to it by the senses and keep anything that it views as significant. Anything that it doesn't view as significant is passed off to the subconscious mind. It's the subconscious mind which will keep this data, acting as the protector of pent-up memories until such time as those memories are wanted once more. 


It's long been held that the subconscious mind bears a direct effect on the actions and opinions of the conscious mind, but for now it's adequate to state that if the conscious mind is trying to believe positive thoughts as the subconscious mind holds a bad energy the two will cancel one another out, and the sought after outcome won't be accomplished. 


2) Becoming Impatient.

The world works at its own speed; remember, all actions bears with it a balanced and opposite response. It's crucial that the additional environmental conditions be correct in order for an outcome to happen just as it should. 


This implies that the law of attraction might take years, months or even days to bring about a profitable reaction to the wants of a single person. Individuals in today’s society are pampered; they desire what they want and they require it at once. A new theory that doesn't bring forth split second outcomes isn't going to be welcomed with very much favour. 


In addition to that, discrediting the law of attraction because it doesn't fit your established timetables is a direct violation of the guidelines needed to see positive results intrinsically. You were simply examining the law in order to see if it will develop outcomes; if you were assured in its power to affect the wanted outcomes you'd be pleased to sit and wait, knowing that what you wish for most will come to you eventually. 


3) Deciding ahead of time how and when you'll draw in what you wish for.

Allow the cosmos to work! It's possible to become so concentrated on what you believe is going to occur that you manage to entirely overlook the event as it happens if it doesn't happen in exactly the fashion you imaged it would. 


As we stated earlier, the cosmos will decide its own time and location for all things to take place, and these events might happen through quite strange ways. By predetermining precisely how you'll obtain the rewards which you're looking for you're taking away the choice from the hands of nature, which guide the ebb and stream of the energies of life, and setting yourself up for a severe fall. 


By accepting the power to choose upon yourself you're basically stating that you don't have trust in the power of the law of attraction to effect the sought after outcomes in time; again, by arranging your own timeline for results to take place you'll in time come to disbelieve in the law of attraction, which will cause the positive energy to go away. 


4) Permitting your emotions to be guided by external evidence.

In order to harvest the full benefits of the law of attraction you're required to think that what you see now is an outcome of what you've been drawing in to this point; once again, it's crucial that you recognise that what has happened in your life to this date and what will occur later on is decided by you. 


It's really simple to view the outcomes of your life and think, “I surely did not wish for that to take place; the law of attraction must be false because I'd never wish for something so dreadful”. What you have to recognise is that it's not always what your conscious mind wants for that moulds what your subconscious mind is sending off. 


Which leads us to the fifth most frequent error.


5) Not getting rid of restricting beliefs.

There are numerous occasions in which people fall under an unsuccessful cycle because they're not able to control the ideas and attitudes of their subconscious mind. A frequent argument against the law of attraction is, “how come there's so much agony in the world if individuals have the power to decide the outcomes of their life?” No, these individuals haven't picked out a life of poverty and servitude; however, due to their history a lot of them don't really think that they have any option. 


This skepticism in their power to alter their conditions because “it's the way that it’s always been” signifies that they'll proceed to live this way. Their subconscious proceeds to cast that skepticism and bad energy out into the cosmos, attracting back negative energy which will cause them to proceed to live in this self-annihilating cycle of events. 


Chapter 5:



Affirmation is the firm declaration of something to be true, and is intended to convince the mind that what it wants to happen will. For example, stating over and over again, “I can get any job I want” is intended to instill in the mind the confidence to go out and get any job that it wants. 



  • Being Positive



Wikipedia describes affirmation as so (this was interesting, showing very well how affirmation and the law of attraction are joined together, and would not have been the same if it was altered in any way). 


“In spirituality and personal development, an affirmation is a form of autosuggestion in which a statement of a desirable intention or condition of the world or the mind is deliberately meditated on and/or repeated in order to implant it in the mind. Many believers recommend accompanying recitations with mental visualisation of a desired outcome. 


Affirmation could be viewed positively as a mobilisation of one's inner resources, or negatively as a kind of self-induced brainwashing, depending on the psychological depth and wisdom of the affirmation. 


For example, believers would consider "I am making more room in my life for success every day" a much wiser affirmation than "I will win the lottery today!" Affirmations are always phrased in the first person and usually in a present tense ("I am") rather than a future tense ("I will") in order to increase the realisation of the statement for the affirmer. 


Affirmations are believed to be a very powerful means of reprogramming the unconscious mind. They appear to be most effective when repeated in a quiet and restful state of mind and body, and when the desired outcome is vividly experienced in one's mind and resulting emotions are felt. They are an intrinsic part of many New Age groups including. However, in these groups affirmations are generally recited in flat, mechanical voices at top speed and volume, in order to elevate participants' "vibratory levels". 


Perhaps the most often used and well-known affirmation is the word "Amen”, which can be translated simply as "so be it" or "and so it is," affirming the truth of whatever was written or said immediately prior. While often used to conclude prayer, the word itself is neutral as to its context and exemplifies a logical affirmation more than a spiritual one.

Chapter 6:

Subliminal Messaging


Subliminal messaging is one of the oldest forms of subliminal manipulation, and has been the one to face the greatest amount of controversy. 


The belief held by the believers in subliminal messaging is that since memories can often be pulled forth from the subconscious to the conscious mind, the subconscious must continue to have some effect on the conscious, whether the owner of said consciousness is aware of it or not.



  • Inner Thoughts



Those who use subliminal messaging attempt to use various methods to introduce an idea to the subconscious, which will then transmit that idea to the conscious when the proper occasion arises. This is done through the introduction of a brief (often a thousandth of a second) to the audio and/or visual senses. 


This message will be so short that the conscious mind will immediately disregard it as being unimportant, while the subconscious will take the information and store it away. 


Subliminal messaging was first introduced in the late 19th century and was introduced in the 1950s as a possible marketing tool. 


James Vicary claimed that during a film shown in his New Jersey theater he had used a tachistoscope to broadcast the words “Drink Coca-Cola” and “Hungry? Eat popcorn” for 1/3000 of a second at five-second intervals, and that during the time of these broadcasts sales of both increased dramatically. 


This sparked a huge debate among the people of the United States, who were afraid that the government would now use subliminal messaging to attempt to control the things they thought and did; they would not be able to do anything about it because they would never know. This controversy led to the banning of subliminal messaging for any type of marketing purpose. 


Although Mr. Vicary later admitted that the experiment had been a fraud the concept of subliminal messaging had been brought out into the open, and its possible benefits were explored at length; however, to date no study has definitively shown subliminal messaging to be an effective way to control behaviour.

Wrapping Up


Visualisation works in much the same way as affirmation; you visualise yourself achieving something and your brain will come to believe it is so; therefore, you will be able to do it. Again, this is closely related to the law of attraction but does not address any underlying issues which could contribute to negative vibes. 


In Conclusion 


Although the power of the law of attraction has yet to be supported by any physical means its effects have been proven time and time again. 


In spite of the opposition which you will surely face, both within your own mind and throughout the rest of your societal acquaintances, if you adhere carefully to the guidelines set forth you too will be able to unlock the power hidden within the depths of your own mind and chart the course for your own destiny. 


You’ve learnt about The Law Of Attraction….but that’s only part of the picture. You must begin in order to get what you’ve always wanted. 


The Unlock the Potential of You Course on this site has processing techniques to help you balance your conscious and subconscious  your vibrational rate high and positive.